Advantis Corp. is engaged in providing the holistic pain management solutions and healthcare products. The company floats the products supplying the medical cannabis, R&D and pharma companies. The headquarters of the company is located in Newport Beach, CA and it was founded in 1992.
Advantis Corporation (ADVT) helps the people and takes control over the health and pain management. The company has innovative healthcare solutions and alternative healthcare medications for providing the most valuable products and services addressing the needs of the individuals requiring the same. Advantis has ownership in the developing companies and allows the improvement of the product lines to expand the distribution channels and increase the brand value. The company identifies and makes a partnership with the sectors possessing the potential for capitalizing in its trend.
The product developments and acquisitions make sure that the company reaches towards a revenue growth level for getting a higher position in the futuristic market opportunities. Christopher Swartz is the CEO of Advantis Corporation and he makes the appropriate steps for the innovative product development, high-end strategies for revenue production and strength in company’s ethics. The management team of the company is skilled and diversified. The legalization of the cannabis industry allows the company to work with the new opportunities to get extensive growth in the core segment.
The 52-week low price of the stock is $0.0051 and the high point is $0.094. The company is developing with more partnerships and growth in the healthcare segment. The expansion of distribution channels and product lines will lead the brand towards a supplemental growth. The company is advancing its business for coping with the increased demand of Amster-Can which is the flagship product. It is also finalizing the acquisition of Herb N Works having business in primer creative branding and marketing in the cannabis sector. This segment has expertise in web programming, graphic designing, social media and marketing with experienced marketing staff. The company is making improvements in the required area and the operations have focused on expansion and acquisition of clients.
Amster-Can is building the efforts for increased capacity for filling the demands of industrial progress. The canning could be done a hundred times as much as it is now and the capacity is increased to a higher level. There is a huge demand and hence, the capital required is more. The facilities are outgrowing with the growth in sales. The canning location is expected to be moved into the centralized location serving the whole southern region of California. The negotiations for the property purchases are still on the liquid level and there are still acquisitions worked out for the several hundred acres of land. There are many new facilities, manufacturing units and operative decisions made by the associates to serve the larger can sizes. The company is expected to grow gradually with its associated business partners. It is expected that the stocks will also gear up with the ongoing developments on the right track. The higher market capitalization will help in achieving this target and the company’s stock will gain a better position.