AmeriCann is a medical company providing the consultation, designing, construction, and financial services to the marijuana operators in the United States. The company began its operations in 2010 and changed its name in 2014 from Nevada Health Scan, Inc. The headquarters of the company is located in Denver, Colorado, US.
The goal of the company is to serve the medical cannabis patients. They produce high-quality cannabis with a secured and sustainable environment having the best use of the resources. The company believes in sustainable processing practices and works with the practices having responsible environmental goals. The core belief of the company is that every person requiring the medical cannabis for any diseases has access to regulated and safe cannabis consumption.
• Company’s facilities: AmeriCann designs and builds its own efficient and high-quality processing of the medical cannabis for the preeminent results to the ill people.
• Licensing Procurement: The company has won cannabis licensing in the competitive application procedure from a long list of the available options throughout the United States.
• Real Estate Services: The company makes utilization of the best strategies for identification, acquisition, and development of the real estate suitable for the cannabis operations.
• Infusion of products: The preferred partners of the company makes a selection of the best products for infusion for the patients to get the appropriate results in their medication blends including cannabis.
• Expertise: AmeriCann has the team of experts having unbeatable knowledge in the industry and their experience counts in building a supreme position of the company in its own segment.
• Financial growth: The company funds in real estate developments as well as providing the required capital to the developing business related to the cannabis industry.
The company offers world-class facilities for the production of high-standard cannabis. The multi-market growth strategy of the company has the sustainable cannabis production with the portfolio of over 1,000,000 sq. feet of sustainable cannabis production area under development. This has led to a big development of the company and it is proceeding with the best ways to give the new opportunities to many companies.
This full reporting and publicly listed company have a strong position in the OTC market. The prices in the last 52-weeks have ranged from $1.51 – $5.35. The company serves the purpose of serving cannabis patients and their communities. The team of experts from the cannabis industry has brought together professional and traditional agricultural concepts to rapidly growing cannabis industry. The company has a track of providing successful ventures with the industrial experience and depth.
Mr. Ben Barton is the Founder, Director, and CFO of the company. He has successfully led the company towards a better move and the legalization of marijuana is undertaken as a lucrative move by the company to grow the business under the leadership of experts. Mr. Tim Keogh works as the president-cum-CEO of the company.
The purpose of the company is to stabilize the growth of medical cannabis segment and cope up with the barriers for the associated partners to succeed in their business. The medical cannabis regulations provide an access to safe and regulated medical cannabis.