Cannabis Science Inc. was founded in 2000 with the name National Healthcare Technology and the reestablishment was made in the year 2009 with the new name Cannabis Science Inc. The company has its headquarters located in Irvine, California, United States. Cannabis Science, Inc. serves the purpose of developing, producing and commercializing phytocannabinoid-based pharma products in the US. The company develops the high-end treatments for autism, cancer, blood pressure, and other illnesses.
The drugs by the company are developed for the patients with HIV strains and neurological conditions. Additionally, the company also offers an online video-based medical cannabis educative system for offering the courses related to medical marijuana uses, associated laws, horticulture, manufacturing, and distribution of the products. The company is linked with IGXBio, Inc. for development of GenePro, which is a DNA-based immunotherapeutic drug. There is R & D done for GenePro with DFana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc. for developing the use of cannabinoids for curing different cancers. Cannabis Science Inc. even associated with Stellenbosch University for the treatment of chronic pelvic diseases in women, prostatitis in men and other chronic diseases with the similar indications.
This biotechnology company has the major goal of obtaining the FDA licensing for the cannabis-based medications for chronic diseases, such as HIV, post-trauma stresses and skin cancer. As for now, there has not been any approval given by FDA for the medicinal cannabis products offered by the company. The company’s CEO and co-founder Mr. Robert Melamede is a former professor from Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado. He has had enough experience in teaching the cannabinoids and working under it to give his best for the research segment. The company takes a fair advantage of getting the unique ways of comprehending the metabolic processes for providing the innovative medical solutions for the chronic diseases.
The use of cannabis is not new to the medical history and there have been many scientific responses underlying the biochemical pathways for modulation of cannabis. The company follows an inquisitive approach to discovering the therapies based on the cannabinoid concepts for improving the lives of patients. The founders have been maintaining the value for getting the true nature of innovation for flourishing and translating the evidence-based solutions for the company.
The company has been dedicated to working with local and international regulatory agencies to provide the highest quality pharma products for the people having critical medical requirements. The primary step of first-class cultivation and production facilities need to assure that Cannabis Science material comes from the food processing requirements. The company has an association with the leading experts in the medical field for development and production of the new and successful therapeutic approach for the treatment of various ailments prevailing in the people of all the ages.
The 52-week low-high range for the stocks of the company (CBIS) is $0.027 – $0.14. The formulations for the medications are on the verge of giving a relief to the patients from the chronic problems associated with the chronic diseases. The bio-pharmaceutical standpoint of the company moves in a matter to allow the cannabinoid products to treat multiple health issues.