Comstock Mining Inc. works in exploring, developing and producing the gold and silver levels in Nevada. The company works through metal mining and real estate segments. The mining land controlled by the company is about 9272 acres and about 7000 unpatented mining claims. The company has its headquarters in Virginia City, Nevada and was established in the year 1999. The mining segment of the company mainly focuses on the exploration and development of the properties situated in the Lucerne Resource area in the region of Storey County, Nevada. The Gold Hill Hotel with a 225-acre project in Dayton, Nevada; comes into the category of the real estate part of the company. The company even includes the real estate rental properties.
The gold and silver mining segment of the company is located in the historic Silver City and Comstock districts, termed collectively as Comstock District. It includes the mining and historical restorations of the company’s mining projects. The district is located on the west part of the Basin and Range Province in Nevada. The company started the official purchase of the properties in Comstock in the year 2003. At present, it has a big portion of the Comstock region and has brought the exploration project into real production. The researchers of the company always look for the new geological locations as per the historical stats to look for the gold mining locations. There is complete geophysical and cross-sectional analysis done to find out the mining areas. The large historical view and surface mapping of the district are used to get the historical overview of the place. The major goal of the business plan of the company is to deliver the stockholder value from the resource areas Dayton and Lucerne. The company is getting a commercial improvement with the new operative models. The geological assessment includes acquiring, compiling, planning and analyzing the geological basis of a place.
The company follows a holistic approach to doing the business. The traditional charts are replaced by the schematic plans to implement appropriate systems in the organization. The system processes use a statistical approach to find out the most effective processes. These tools are used for exploration and even extraction. The basic aim of the company is to monitor the system at a scheduled pace to define an exclusive quality system.
The company maintains the appropriate level of corporate transparency and has a positive outlook for the shareholders. The 52-week range is $ 0.150 – $ 1.00 and the company’s management are maintaining an upward trend with its strong base and principals. The management commits to safely handle the social and economic segments through long-term developments of restoration and preservation. The natural history and rich mining even expand the tourism of the Comstock district. The open and cooperative structure of working creates the positive opportunities for the community, employees and even the residents of the district. The company is moving towards a forward direction and will probably attain better results for the investors with the gradual growth in a transparent way.