There is a strong connection between cryptocurrency and penny stocks. These two names are not similar in any way but have interconnection for the investors to get associated with both the names. Penny stocks have seen extensive growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and get a chance to jump on the board for expansion of the digital assets. There have been many ways in which the bitcoin industry has been associated with penny stocks, including cryptocurrency exchanges, mining services, Blockchain technologies, digital wallets, vending machines, and similar options. The connection between Bitcoin technology and stocks have become an educational tool for expansion of the imaginations of millions of entrepreneurs.

There have been many new companies entering into Bitcoin concept by having an urge to be a part of bringing the Bitcoin concept to the next level. This new level is intended to get the secured blockchain technologies by making the use of digital assets moving far beyond its limits. This is a new way of monetizing the currency and turning towards a better developmental process.

There are many companies on the OTC market and pink sheets. Some of the prominent cryptocurrency penny stocks are mentioned below:

APTY (APT Systems Inc.)

The stocks of APTY are very cheap and in the range of $0.00040. The 52-week highest price of $0.0219 is attainable with the company’s visualization to chart the financial markets. The company works in the creation of stock trading platforms and financial applications on mobile. It has headquarters in San Francisco, CA and was founded in 2010.

MARA (Marathon Patent Group)

Marathon Patent Group, Inc. was founded in 2010 with its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company owns the data center for mining digital assets and cryptocurrency mining machines for digital asset mining. The previous name of the company was American Strategic Minerals Corporation and was altered to Marathon Patent Group, Inc. in 2013. The company has recently fulfilled its criteria for getting listed on NASDAQ and could become a part of the major stock exchanges in the coming future. The company has developed many strategies for utilization of its Intellectual Property assets.

RIOT (Riot Blockchain Inc.)

RIOT Blockchain Inc. had its focus on the drafting, supporting and operational support of the blockchain technologies through its developed businesses and mining operations for cryptocurrency. The company was founded in 2000 and has its major focus on Bitcoin and general blockchain technology companies. The company held its interest in providing accounting, verification and auditing services for cryptocurrencies and applying on the payments for telecommunication companies. The company provides investment services for the blockchain ecosystem and its major focus is to get a strong position in the cryptocurrency world.

MGTI (MGT Capital Investments)

MGTI works for the bitcoin mining operations in the Washington area. The company has its headquarters located in Durham, North Carolina with miners located in different locations. The foundation year of the company is 1979 and it owns many leased facilities in Sweden as well as other parts of the world. MGTI is one of the biggest US-based Bitcoin miners and works for anti-hacking development, private phone, and its major operations on cryptocurrency mining. The present stock price of the company is $0.075 and it is a growth towards the 52-week high price of $1.41.

DPW (DPW Holdings, Inc.)

DPW Holdings, Inc. works in designing, development, manufacturing, and selling of the power system solutions for the industrial telecom, medical and aerospace industry in North American and European region. The company was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters in Newport Beach, CA. The name was changed from Digital Power Corporation to DPW Holdings, Inc. in December 2017. The company offers various customized power system solutions, power supply products, and value-added services for the original equipment manufacturers.


This company is one of the early movers in the blockchain and digital currency segment. It was founded in 2015 with the headquarters located in Silver Spring, Maryland. The company makes the acquisition of digital assets for providing investors with indirect bitcoin ownership through open market purchases. Cryptocurrency mining is an issue taken by the company for the growth pattern in the future. The stock prices are nearing $0.65 at present and 52-week high value is $2.55. The company has a probability to grow its stock prices in the nearing future.

BTSC (Bitcoin Services, Inc.)

Bitcoin Services, Inc. works in the cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining. It is involved in the sale and development of the blockchain software. The company was incorporated in 1997 and has headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The present stock price is $0.0393 and with the eventual developments, the rates might go upwards with the provision of bitcoin transaction security and new business.

DIGAF (Digitrade Financial Corporation)

This digital asset exchange platform works for the development services of blockchain technology. There are management and trading done for the real-time FX pricing and the company even provides cryptocurrency exchange, debit card solutions and transactional services. The company began its operations in 2000 and has headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. The present stock prices of DIGAF is $0.0128 and the value has the probability to turn towards ten times its value to achieve its one-year highest figure. The company’s headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

BITCF (First Bitcoin Capital Corporation)

First Bitcoin Capital Corporation has involvement in the development of digital currencies, Blockchain technologies, and the currency exchange system. The company offers different digital assets for Blockchain and currency developments. The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company attracts foreign investors for its global currency exchange exposure. The company’s present stock price is $0.080.

GAHC (Global Arena Holding, Inc.)

Global Arena Holding, Inc. works with its subsidiary Global Election Services, Inc. for providing the technological services for labor associations in the United States. The company is based in New York City and has been working to provide technology-enabled election programming. The company focuses on the acquisition of patents from inventors, technology and other companies for participation in the blockchain cryptocurrency ecosystem.