Decision Diagnostics Corporation was founded in the year 2000 and has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, US. The company works majorly in prescription, non-prescription and home diagnostic products. There are different blood testing mechanisms used and there are specialized home testing devices used for checking blood glucose (GenUltimate and Genstrip50). There is also the provision of handling the smartphone applications which allow the physicians to carry access to patient history, care guidelines and medical data. This small company has a good reputation in the healthcare market.
PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. is the subsidiary of the company having specialization in blood glucose home testing devices. The test strips mentioned before (GenUltimate and Genstrip50) are the products of this segment. The blood testing monitoring had never been so easy and these FDA approved products are easy alternatives for healthcare providers and patients. The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) services provided by the company are highly useful for the patients who want to physically assess the data with their history, reports, care guidelines and medication records.
This friendly company is becoming famous among the investors in penny stocks due to their prospective healthcare management systems and the products offered. The convenience of using EMR with your smartphones is a big plus in the terms of storing and fetching the essential information. There is no need for specialized computer terminals which were being used earlier and the access to patients’ histories could be done only with a smart device. The company is also under the process to provide the home testing products for the chronically ill people and giving them a move towards building their customized records for the reports.
The 52-week low and high values of the company are $0.0301- $0.1715 which give an understanding that the company has a scope to grow with the best offerings of products and services. The core management team is making its best efforts to create healthcare facilities and databases matching the company’s medical developments in the most required way. The advancing healthcare needs have led the market to assure that these positive aspects will lead the company towards a better move. The companies make planning to update the range of topics having importance to the healthcare industry, investors and followers of the progress. The discussion on various court rulings, Federal Circuit ruling, progress in partnerships and new projects in the pipeline, will leave a positive impression on the company. The e-news published on the web will be the best source to get all the information.
The market capitalization of the company is $ 4.3M and it is projected to grow with more investors following the stock. The CEO of Decision Diagnostics, Mr Keith Berman, commented that the GenPrecis! Development has been a hit in the creation of the promising product to provide the best results for blood sugar monitoring. The company is providing many chemistry analyzers and the published performance is exceeded for the products to make them the ultimate choice for the users. The glucose strip results cost lesser than 25 cents a strip which is quite reasonable. The need for such products is increasing and the company is making the best moves to provide them to the healthcare sector.