Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in the year 1984 and has a speciality in generic pharmaceutical products and abuse-deterrent opioid products. It has specialization in the orally sustainable and controlled release drugs having specialized barriers for the entry. The generic medications are licensed to the high-end companies like Epic Pharma, TAGI Pharma, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The company operates under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) having registered facility for R & D and the manufacturing headquarters are located in Northvale, New Jersey, United States.
The strength of the company is its existence in generics and commitment to the development of abuse-deterrent opioids for abuse and misuse. The company has many developmental projects in the pipeline which makes it an important segment in the pharmaceutical stock industry. The campus of the company in Northvale has 55,000 sq. feet area having research, development, manufacture and package products.
Elite’s Abuse-Deterrent Technology
The abuse-deterrent products of the company are the speciality of Elite in its segment. The abuse-deterrent technology includes the multi-particulate capsule containing naltrexone and another opioid agonist. Naltrexone is majorly used for the alcohol management and to hamper the dependence of opioid in the body. Naltrexone remains unreleased in the body and the opioid agonist releases over time and provides pain relief as per the prescription. On the crushing of opioid antagonist beads, naltrexone is released from the body and the absorption of the elements intends to bind the brain receptors like the opioid agonist. It reduces the abuse and misuse by the drug users who take them for the recreational purpose.
Elite is expanding its pharmaceutical product range and uses the best technology for opioid abuse deterrent. It has 4 US, 2 Canadian and 1 European patent with additional numbers pending in these states for approval. The pipelined products by Elite are very promising and marks a big plus for the investors to choose the stocks for investment. The principal product is SequestOx and it is an immediate-release oxycodone meant to manage the moderate to severe pain levels. The OTC products offered by Elite are licensed to the prime companies and hence, the scope of investment in this company is quite lucrative.
The leadership of Nasrat Hakim (Chairman, President and CEO) has always been encouraging for the analytical research and development. There is proven experience and in-depth knowledge of the team members, which is quite probable of giving a growth to the company in terms of stocks. The company has stood with 8 commercial lined projects currently being sold in the market having accreditations with major agencies. The pipelined projects (once-a-day opioid and patented abuse-deterrent opioids) are highly promising and the company is looking forward to better market capitalization for the products. The products for treating chronic pain with sustained release of oral formulations are anticipated to have a blooming future in the market. The formulations of Elite Pharmaceuticals limit the existing oral opioids: consistent relief from chronic pain levels and deterring the potential opioid abuse.