Fernhill Corporation is working on developing, acquiring and partnering in the energy-based segment in businesses. The core products of the company have a basis in the alternative power products using technology and renewable sources of energy. The Fernhill corporate segment is blooming with the new patent applications and the present ideologies. The company was founded in 1997 with the headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona, US. The 52-week low price of the stock is $0.00040 and the highest value was $0.0080.
Fernhill corporation follows the investment strategies across various market segments by analyzing the regional dynamics of the market. The understanding of a promising future and investment growth opportunities in different segments are floated by the company. It includes the segments like renewable energy, technology, manufacturing, consumer products and similar niche. The company follows the ‘Peak Shaving’ process for reducing the amount of power purchased from a utility group during the peak hours of demand. Peak power prices are higher than the normal rates for encouraging the users for reduction of the consumption during the specified periods. The utility companies bring the additive capacity for handling the increased power demands during the specific day timings.
There are also some products designed for providing power, charging and lightning during the phases when the grid power is taken off or becomes unavailable. The addition of a portable power backup device along with the renewable power generation can help in an emergency and normal situations. In the month of March this year, the company announced the primary results from the experimental crypto-mining operation providing valued data for expansion and investment growth in the crypto-mining space. There were tests made for the crypto mining equipment and the operations have been made for the configuration of achieving the most out of the mining efficiencies. It has generated the initial corporate revenue for the company.
The company has been working with the local utility providers for securing the base power pricing for getting the blended rates. There have been meetings done with the advisors to determine the feasibility of the right location. It is important to move forward with the larger scale operations. The company anticipates larger returns for the mining facility development. With the fluctuation in the cryptocurrency pricing, the developments came into the review by the company. The CEO of Fernhill Corporation even commented that the use of different hardware platform will allow conducting a study on feasibility for the maximization of profits from cryptocurrency mining. It is not mandatory to choose the most powerful equipment to increase the profit rate. The balance between pricing, power, and number of machines will enhance the return over the assets.
In the month of March this year, the company announced the development and building out of the first crypto mining power supply energy saving unit, named as PSESU-5000. There were many hours and team efforts included in designing this self-regulatory and peak shaving platform for the crypto-mining community. This was an appropriate move for the shareholders to start investing in the company. The next-gen model will include 5000X, having an additive feature for solar power charging.