Franchise Holdings International, Inc., was founded in 2003 and the company has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada. The company is mainly engaged in the acquisition of the franchise, licensing and distribution rights of the new segments. The subsidiary of the company includes TruXmart Ltd, which is mainly engaged in the development of the multiple products for the pick-up trucks available in North America. TruXmart sells its products through the wholesalers in the US and Canadian land with the help of 3rd party retailers. The product lines of TruXmart are Tri Forte, Fold, Quad-Fold, Smart-Fold, and Roll-up. The competitors of the company are Tonno Pro, Rugged Liner, and Truck Hero Group.
Over the past years, the company has laid a strong foundation for supporting the massive growth anticipated by them. The achievement of revenue growth for the company includes three components:
1) Capital for Inventory: It is the primary and the most essential step to fund the inventory needs. The management of expenses is done for the sustainable growth of the company and move ahead with the projections.
2) Advancing dealer network: This will help in the generation of the forecasted sales. The network can be enhanced on the regular basis as per the goals to serve in the best interest of the organization. Products are required by the dealers but the futuristic growth depends on the ability of the company to invest.
3) Completion of Helios and Alpha: This step is meant to prototype, test and produces the Helios and Alpha covers. These product lines are anticipated to bring a huge plus to the market.
Shareholder Value
The company took the following actions to maximize their shareholder value:
1) Dual Listing: The company is listed in CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange) in 2018 and this has given it a dual listing.
2) Retired Shares: Steven Rossi, CEO of the company, has retired 100 million of his own shares which were approximately equal to 45 percent of the outstanding stocks.
3) No Toxic Debts: The company is committed to saying a complete no to the company having toxic financing or any derivative. The fund will be debt capital or equity only.
4) Conferences: The company will present itself in different conferences in Canada and the US in the year 2018.
The success of a company depends on the position it has made in its marketplace where all its competitors lie. Franchise Holdings International has a strong team and management and they’ve made a good online and offline presence with a strong brand recognition. There is a consistent improvement in the websites and there is a huge scope for stockholders till the next year.
The price range of the stocks in the previous 52-weeks was $0.0091- $0.045. With the growth in the market capital, there will be more prospective opportunities floated by the company. The company is open to evaluate the new advancements and the focus is on growing the subsidiaries at different locations. The company is looking for the like-minded investors having a deep understanding of the revenue growth, earnings and advancing stock prices.