GB Sciences, Inc. is a technological and solution-based company engaging in the biopharma R & D associated with the medicinal uses of cannabis for different treatments and therapies. The company aims at bringing together the best technology for the cannabinoid therapies targeting different medical issues. The company was founded in the year 2001 and has headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, United States. The concepts of different medications attained from cannabis are the major focus of the company in bringing the unsurpassed cannabis for medical-grade and generate the therapies for cannabinoid treatments.
GB Sciences uses the latest medication therapies based on the patented formulations for the chemicals extracted from the cannabis plant. Growblox Life Sciences, LLC is a major subsidiary of the company and has three provisional patent applications having to intermix of the complex compounds derived from cannabis with an approved patent. The company has a strong partnership with the universities and CROs (Contract Research Organizations) which bring an expertise and cost-effective infrastructural backup to the programs. The company’s goal is to market themselves in an appropriate manner and make a partnership with the huge resources and marketing of the medications on the world level.
GB Sciences have licensing to grow, extract and distribute cannabis under the programs regulating the state laws. They can produce their own material in conducting the medical researches for cannabis. There are specialized tissue-cultural propagation techniques meant for reducing the genetic impacts and increase the sterility level in the cannabis plants. The use of automated and controlled growth environments helps in getting the standard production of the required ingredients in the plants. The extraction methods are designed to make optimization of the cannabis-derived ingredients and raw cannabis extracts.
The company’s team of skilled scientists work upon the problems faced in the medical implementation of cannabis and create the elegant solutions for the same. There is a combination of the prediction approach followed by the company having high-throughput of the screening techniques with the use of cell-based models. The company works in a smarter mode and brings the positive outputs in their stream. The company tries to assist the patient groups which are not being explored by the other companies of the same genre.
The stocks of the company are traded under the ticker symbol GBLX in OTCBB market. The 52-week range of the company is $0.21- $1.56. It works in the drug discovery work and considers the patient groups to work upon with the criteria:
1) The ones having no receipt of the adequate care from present or experimental pharmaceuticals
2) Pre-clinical work in the development of the therapies for FDA trials being conducted by the well-established cell and animal modes
3) Disease processes involving drug development targets having responsiveness towards the compounds containing marijuana.
The company has attained several benefits over the other pharma-groups and have strong research department for discovering and validating the new drug formulations from the compounds linking cannabis. The high cannabis oils and related products are being manufactured and distributed by GB Sciences’ Cultivation Labs (Trademark).