General Cannabis Corporation is the companies dealing with marijuana business operators. The company operates with the Consultation and Advisory, Marketing and Products, Security and Cash Management Services; and Real Estate & Finance categories. The company began its operations in 1987 and the headquarters are situated in Denver, Colorado, United States.
General Cannabis Corporation is the highest quality service providers for the regulated Cannabis industry. These are the entrusted partners for retail, production, and cultivation of the cannabis business industry. It is done through the strong operations of the real estate, security, finance and distribution segments. The subsidiaries of the company held a stronger position for leveraging the strengths and produce a stronger balance sheet for the success.
Subsidiaries of General Cannabis Corporation:
• Next Big Corp: This company became a part of General Cannabis in the year 2015 with their strength of professional consultation platform. The company aims at providing the best consultation services in the industry lacking the standardization and larger-scale agricultural principals. There are proven techniques offered to cultivate, process and sell cannabis. The service includes the business plans and applications designed for optimizing the expansion and management. The knowledge and experience are used by the clients to achieve their business goals.
• Chiefton Design: The company is based in Denver, Colorado and delivers the highest quality brand designs and development for the legalized cannabis market. Chiefton Designs work with the most progressive approach and the creative time collaborates to execute the vision of a brand.
• Cliefton Supply Co.: This company is the high-end apparel company based in Colorado. The designs and employees are being managed by this company. It has a team of passionate individuals having committed to creating artistic cannabis apparel. The company creates the garments having creative designs and includes all the legal terms.
• Iron Protection Group: This company is 100% owned by General Cannabis. It was found in 2014 and rose to the prominence with the provision of the best security terms within the cannabis industry in the state of Colorado. The company is recognized with its best moves, employment, and the operative tasks.
The legal cannabis industry is growing in the US and General Cannabis Corporation is expanding its presence in the different parts of the US. The company in different locations aims at serving the existing clients and aims at bringing the new clients with its expansion phase. The 52-week low price of CANN is $1.08 and the high rate is $11.19.
The company is taking its progressive steps towards building more ventures and attain the potential growth for the market in this region. The security, marketing segments, and the operations are planned throughout the East Coast and the clients are even growing from the region. This office will be used even for expansion and increasing the corporate marketing, mergers and acquiring new teams.
The subsidiaries based in Arizona, Colorado, NJ, Oregon, Washington, California and the newest in New York will definitely give a boost to the stock prices and it will grow with time.