HyperSolar, Inc. is a public company trading over the OTC market. The ticker symbol for the stock is HYSR. The company is based in Santa Barbara, California, United States and is aimed at the development of the cost-effective technology to make renewable hydrogen by the use of sunlight and water (wastewater or seawater). The hydrocarbon fuels are not environmentally friendly and release contaminants into the environment. However, the hydrogen fuel produces pure water as the byproduct. This is by far the most cost-effective way to produce the renewable hydrogen which could be used for the production of the renewable energy and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
The combination of sun and water for producing renewable hydrogen is the greenest of all the fuels. It is a cleaner way to the environment and is a unique concept initiated by the company. The science of water electrolysis has made the low-cost photo-electrochemical process to efficiently work in a way to separate hydrogen from the water sources to produce clean and environmental-friendly hydrogen. The solar generators are meant to eliminate the need for conventional electrolysis products having expensive and energy-intensive ideas. The solutions produced will have the lowest cost of hydrogen from the other alternatives available in the market.
Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel in the universe. The fuel from hydrogen produces pure water as the only byproduct which is a big plus. The company makes efforts to implement hydrogen production for producing renewable electricity to be used on different platforms. The major benefit is that the energy used is clean and doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. Traditionally, the manufacturing of renewable hydrogen was very expensive and HyperSolar has initiated the new ways to use solar energy and water to form the required oxygen from the air. Electrolysis was done for producing an unlimited amount of clean and renewable hydrogen fuel but it is a theoretical viewpoint to produce huge hydrogen. The current commercial electrolysis requires highly pure water to prevent fouling of components of the system and electric supply for conducting the process. These are the main issues in producing cost-effective hydrogen.
The use of solar energy in splitting water molecules into the basic components (Hydrogen and Oxygen) is the major concept behind HyperSolar technology. The plants undertake the similar process for photosynthesis. The technology developed for copying photosynthesis to split hydrogen will have a low cost and sustainable result for production of hydrogen gas. This growth in the new technology and use of sun and water to produce hydrogen has become a positive way to produce hydrogen. This new and innovative way has led to a better scope for the industry and even the people are looking for the newer ways to turn towards the production of cost-effective hydrogen gas. There has been a growth in the number of stock analysts looking at this newer way of producing energy. HyperSolar is dealing with many conventional issues associated with the low cost and energy efficient technology. The stock prices will probably go up with the output given by the company for the best and cost-effective results.