Imagination TV, Inc. was incorporated in March 2005. The company was previously known as IC Places, Inc. having no revenue generation till September 30, 2014. It was just a name till then but after that quiet phase, it came up with the networking city-based website concept. It is meant for the vacation travelers, individuals and business persons to check out the local information about hotels, restaurants, discounted car rentals, airfare, event tickets and much more.
It is a diversified digital media company with the growing scope. The company delivers the best integrated digital marketing solutions. The 52-week low and high prices of stocks are $0.0001-0.0030. There is the latest content marketing, displaying, mobile advertising and video marketing done in an unsurpassed way. Imagination TV is the one-stop shopping destination for brands and agencies which want to effectively reach the target audience on the digital screen. In the recent news, the company has announced the sale of tier 1, 2 and 3 tickets for LIT Up Music Festival to be held on July 28, 2018, in Miami, FL. In the month of April this year, the company entered into an agreement with Nfuse 360 marketing for announcing this live music event. Nfuse stems have the resource marketing business termed as Collecting Marketing for both Clear Channel and SFX Entertainment.
Juan Areco is the CEO of Imagination TV and he was quite impressed with Nfuse for the qualitative and professional approach to the live events. They have confidence in delivering the best live music in the event. Imagination TV team is gearing up for such moves for the company to get the most promising results for the stock market growth. The increase in market capitalization will lead towards the better scope for the company and it will probably get the better in the terms of returns over the investment. The company’s focus on the Music & Live event industry will certainly bring the best out of it. Mr Arceo has the best experience in the music industry for Imagination TV. He has worked with the best artists and managed the operations in the best music studios, studio centre and circle house studios.
The subsidiaries of the company are Bridger Web Data Solutions and Garden Grocer, Inc. With the progression of Nfuse Live music concert tickets, it is expected that the stocks will grow. The company is also projected to grow with more segments entrusting them for the live show promotions. The better stock positions will ultimately bring the best out of the company’s financial growth and it will be the operational growth of the network for the city-based websites. Ultimately, it will be a good progress for the company and it will lead towards a great move. For the recent news on the LIT Up Music Festival, the tickets have been sold in such a large number that the venue has been replaced in Miami to RC Cola Plant in Wynwood. With the growth in the recent times, the company has also got success in settling its debts of $50,000 in credit debt from 2017. The discounted settlement amount was paid by the company and the obligations have been removed which is a great move.