Integrated Ventures, Inc. is a diverse holding company and it majorly works in operation, acquisition, investment, e-commerce, mobile, finances, consumer goods and transport market. It majorly serves the customers in Pennsylvania; the US and its headquarters are located in Huntingdon Valley. The company recently entered into the Letter of Intent (LOI) for the acquisition of the cryptocurrency equipment having 199 revenue generating GPU-based mining rigs. The company has planned for execution of the hosted service agreement with 30,000 sq. feet data center located in Graham, NC for hosting all acquired mining rings.
The 52-week low and high value of the stock is $ 0.037 and $ 6.74. The business relation with Secure Hosting, LLC will track the mining operations. The company confirmed that it has consolidated the mining process in the facility operated in Marlboro, NJ. It will probably increase the operational efficiencies and reduce the monthly expenses. INTV has a projection for starting the monthly revenues in excess of $128,000 and it was confirmed by the CEO of Integrated Ventures, Steve Rubakh.
The company has focused on launching and operating the companies in the technology sector with its major focus on equipment manufacturing, cryptocurrency mining, blockchain software development and sales of branded mining rigs. The company has operations in currency mining, blockchain development, hosting, cloud mining, sales equipment, coin trading, and manufacturing. The technology holdings company having major developments will have the corporate update covering. The company retired the convertible debt and got involved in the financial advisory consultant for providing the evaluation report for the eradication of the derivative liabilities. It even funded the LoanFunder development and completed a purchase of the assets, like rigs.
The financial accomplishments were disclosed publicly in May 2018. The primary phase of the balance sheet had zero convertible debt and the assets increased gradually. In the same month, there were 175 mining rigs connected and generated revenues. The company has the acquisition, launch, and operation of companies in the cryptocurrency sector with a major focus on the digital currency mining, branded mining rigs sale, blockchain development, and manufacturing equipment. The company wants to achieve its previous status of $6 plus pricing per stock. The company focuses on the expansion of the different segments through a holding company structure.
The strategic partners of Integrated Ventures Inc. are:
• Bitmain Technologies: It is a China-based company having the largest manufacturer of mining rings, hosting services and mining pool. The brand name of the company is Antminer.
• Shenzhen Halley Cloud Technology Company: It works for the manufacturing and distribution of PandaMiner Brand. The mining rigs are designed in a customized way on latest GPU technology.
• MoneyToken: The cryptocurrency investors and miners make use of the blockchain-based platform. Crypto-assets will assist the borrowers to maintain the asset positioning while making access to the stable funding.
• ITBS, LLC: It is an industry leader focusing on the blockchain, cybersecurity, system integration and automation.
• Innosilicon Technologies, LTD: This Chinese manufacturer of Litecoin mining rigs produce the popular models.