Penny stock investments have become lucrative in the U.S. and Canadian states. Marijuana stocks have attained a great scope and the list of these stocks is increasing with the legalization of hemp in the various states. There are many companies like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, Aphria, Cronos Group, Acreage Holdings, Green Thumb Industries and many other names which have turned out to be extremely successful in their businesses. US marijuana sales are projected to reach $80 billion by the year 2030 if it is legalized in many segments. The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is expected to grow to a level of $4.5 billion value till the end of 2019.

Many companies are joining the forces with the cannabis industry after realizing how it would affect the sales. Medical cannabis is expected to replace pain killers and sleeping aids in a natural way. The industry attracts bigger investments and marijuana stocks are one of those. Penny stock investments in marijuana stocks could be very lucrative as everyone is aware that the segment is growing rapidly. However, no one knows if the present craze will sustain the upcoming future trends.

Marijuana stocks on major stock exchanges

The position of cannabis is still not prevalent in all the US states. The legalization in some important states is a signal that it will have a great scope in the times to come. There are many cultivation centers, R & D segments, dispensaries and other locations using cannabis for the recreational and medical use. You can now get a lot of cannabis-infused products, including nasal sprays, beverages, lotions, gels, and vapes. There are legal barriers between the US and the Canadian government. Canadian companies started trading on the US Stock exchanges with the legalization of marijuana in the medical world.

There are many big companies making preparations for the recreational Canadian drive for marijuana. However, the medical prospect still has better scope in terms of stocks. Many investors are of a point that penny stocks linked with cannabis should be purchased at the moment as the industry will grow rapidly in 2019. The pot stocks are available on many websites and you can check out their position by analyzing different websites. The listing of stocks should be used as a beginning point for your own research. There are many paid lists available online and those should be avoided for the real results.

The new investors must read about the penny stocks before investing in them. The primary step is researching the stocks and then you can proceed with the investments. There are many companies related to some other segments but have an indirect linkage with marijuana stocks. It is a great time to invest in those sectors and getting the most out of your efforts. The stocks are of course risky but the well-informed decision to buy and sell them at the right price would help you in making the appropriate move towards the right mode.