Kitov Pharma Limited is a developmental stage biopharma company based in Israel. It was founded in 2010 with the name Kitov Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd. and changed its name to Kitov Pharma Limited in January 2018. The headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.
The company majorly produces the blended drugs for the treatment of acute pain caused by osteoarthritis and hypertension. KIT-302 is the leading drug floated by the company and it has a constant dosage having a combination of the product having generic drug combination of amlodipine besylate and celecoxib having completion of its 3rd phase study. The company has also produced the small molecule NT219 having a target on the twin pathways involved in the resistance of cancer drug.
The company has deep regulatory terms and with its clinical expertise, the company’s healthcare professional team has the best record for drug development, testing, and approval. The medication for hypertension and osteoarthritis has the trademark Consensi™. The company attained the New Drug Application (NDA) in July 2017. The US Food and Drug Administration approved this drug for marketing on 31 May 2018. It was an important date for the company and it started getting the prospective stockholders. The new drug NT-219 was administered in combination with the other therapies to form cancer resistance and retreating the tumor resistance at any level. The reduction of risk and cost through approval of novel therapeutics makes the company deliver higher ROI and long-term potential to the investors by leaving a positive impact on the life of people.
Consensi: It is a combinational drug for osteoarthritis and hypertension. This combinational drug successfully met the clinical trials for efficacy endpoint and recently came into marketing on May 31 this year.
NT-219: This is an innovative drug for cancer resistance. It targets 2 major proteins in the anti-cancer drug resistance mechanism (STAT3 and IRS ½). The drug revealed the best results for tumor resistance and revealed some of the best effects with the immune-oncology agents.
Kitov Pharmaceuticals is under development and require funds for the progress. There are deep regulatory and clinical-trials held and the veteran team of healthcare and business professionals maintains the best record for developing the best medication. The combinational drugs are highly effective and have the best results for the patients suffering from chronic pain and hypertension. The stock range of the company in 52-weeks is $1.62- $3.81 and it is expected that the stock prices will advance in the coming phases. The market capitalization of the company is $30.9M.
The reduction of the developmental risk and cost-effectiveness of drugs makes the company a leader in developing the required results to the investors. The company issued its stocks primarily on TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) in 2013 and revealed its presence through issuing an IPO on NASDAQ in November 2015. At present, the company successfully trades on both the stock exchanges. The investors have a positive anticipation for the company and there is a hope of getting towards a better chance with the uplifting position of the company on stocks.