Lexaria Bioscience Corporation was founded in 2004 and was based in Kelowna, Canada. The company majorly focuses on the production of enhanced food products and superfoods under the Lexaria Energy brands. The infusion technology of the company works in the way to enhance the absorption capacity of the intestines and rapid delivery to the bloodstream with the bioactive molecules. There is the production of medicines related to cannabinoids, non-steroidal drugs, nicotine, and other molecules. The former name of the company was Lexaria Corp. and it was changed to Lexaria Bioscience Corp. in April 2016.
The company has developed the licensing and cost-effective technology termed as DehydraTECH™ which aims at promotion of the healthy administration methods for increasing effectiveness with the lowered dosages. There are many drugs, supplements and vitamins having lipophilic nature and it becomes difficult for the human system to efficiently absorb it. DehydraTECH™ improves the ability of the body to absorb these substances for a quick benefit. It is the market proven way to get the higher performance of cannabinoid compounds in ingestible products. Lexaria Bioscience Corp has different patents issued/pending over 40 countries throughout the world. The compounds have the features of good taste, smell, recovery speed, bioavailability, and bio-absorption.
The technology is applied through the incorporation of the immediate step in the manufacturing and formulation of the new ingestible products. The compounds are manufactured by blending with some fatty acids and infusion of the mixture in the substrate material with dehydration synthesis for bringing the new-combined molecules into the production. This versatile production has the high rate of success in the market and doesn’t include the unwanted agents for the company to create products with high caloric value.
The company’s stocks are traded under the ticker symbol LXRP and have a 52-week low-high range of $0.32 – $2.54. Its new technology and the patented branding DehydraTECH™ have always given a progressive approach to the company. There has been commercial application of this formulation made in delivering fat-soluble (lipophilic) payloads. Cannabinoids are used in commercial products through marijuana plant varieties. There are thousands of compounds derived from these plants, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These elements mainly act upon the different systems and receptors in the human body for relieving the symptoms of inflammation, pain, depression, and anxiety. In some cases, it has shown positive results for neurodegenerative conditions and even cancer. The technology has given the required results with the effectiveness and potency for a healthy alternative to the other medicinal sources.
The technology offered by Lexaria has been applied to different food formats, including oral suspensions, tablets, capsules, beverages and much more. This has been done by making a choice for the appropriate substrate compound for being infused during the formulation and manufacturing process of the different components. The major component has been used in many ingredients used for processing food, beverages, and other supplements. The company has a huge prospect to grow and the increasing stock prices are a proof of its position strengthening.