Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. manufactures and markets the cannabis-infused strips. These strips are designed for providing the patients with non-smoking and non-intrusive alternatives. The company was founded in 2010 and has headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. The company was named as Kariana Resources Inc. and its name was changed to Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc. in 2015. The company offers consulting services for the clients with identification facility, designing & layout, implementation, equipment acquisition and licensing. It helps in extraction and cultivation of the biomass and holding real estate properties and financial services.

The company participates in the strategic alliance in coordination with the state legal policies. LDS has become a diversified, innovative and scientifically strong company in the North American region. The expertise of the company ranges from consultation of the new companies to help them for getting the licensing and then selling the cannabis-strip technology to the manufacturers. It even provides the management consultation and compliance materials.

The stock of the company is listed under the ticker symbol LDSYF with 52-range of the stock prices as $0.30 – $0.121. The market capitalization of the company is $16.665 M and it is growing with the change in the policies for the cannabis sector in various parts of the United States. The company works for the following segments:

Isogenics (Identical Genes): The client partners like Core Isogenics get licensing from the company to create an organic, pure and unaltered isogenic seeds with the motive of establishing better goals and success rate for the clients.

Cultivation: There is extremely efficient and advanced environment designed for the company to maximize the production rate with the cost-effective approach.

Extraction: The company gives an advanced process for the extraction for the best vape cartridge operations with the hallmark product in the terms of oral mucosal strips.

Manufacturing process: LDS gives licensing to CSPA group for manufacturing the oral mucosal strips (just like breath strips).

Consultation: LDS Agrotech gives the assistance to its clients for making real estate purchases, acquisition of equipment, tenant improvements, licensing procedures for state and best cultivation techniques.

The strength of LifeStyle Delivery Systems lies in its patented technology and the best claims for the bio-active delivery. The company has huge prospects to grow as the natural technology concept is appealing and goes well with the various implementations. The cultivation processes licensed from LDS are the best for maximizing the rate of production and reducing the final labor costs. The management of LDS is involved in the cultivation of the cannabis plants for using them for different purposes. The clients are being given the best services by the company and it is growing at a rapid pace with the good news about the cannabis plants being legalized in Canada.
The company regularly tests all the materials for ensuring a chemical free and high-quality material. The supply-chain processes are monitored by the experts in the best way to manage the retail sales and marketing with excellence. The consumer is able to get the effects of the usage of Oral Film Strips in 90 seconds or even lesser time.