Liquid Holdings Group, Inc. is a company responsible for developing and providing next-gen software technology. It provides the integrated platform for the financial services community, real-time risk management, integrated trading, reporting, accounting and administrative handling. The customers of the company are small to medium-sized asset managers, wealth management companies, family offices, fund managers and financial institutes. The financial service software is majorly focused for the asset managers and the company has the unsurpassed trading technology, account matrices and the management tools for proper management of brokerage and execution solutions.
The firm was founded by Richard Schaeffer, Robert D. Keller, and Brian Ferdinand on January 17, 2012. The headquarters of the company is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States. The company is a SaaS provider of investment management solutions and it offers the best platform on the basis of the subscription for different institutions and offices around the world. The liquid platform makes a combination of the shadow net asset value (NAV), multi-asset ordering, execution and management of risk for the better investor capabilities. The liquid platform of the company works neutrally for brokers and has real-time existence. The liquid platform allows the unified workflows for easy ordering, execution, and risk management. It allows the clients to make an investment in the strategies and processes to include customized solutions for portfolio managers, traders, Chief Information Officers (CIO) and other reporting teams.
Liquid Holdings Group, Inc. has a big listing of the outsourced services enabling the clients to proceed with the system scaling (product launching, portfolios, new users) without making any investment for resources or processes. The services include the daily reporting, market data providers, data consumption from counterparts and allocation of the commission to clients. The data access is meant from real-time and previous analysis to make the appropriate investment decisions. The workflow, designing, and tools for trading are very appropriately designed for the company. LiquidMobile provides real-time analysis for management of the investments and client relationships. The company is expected to grow with the median target of $0.35 from its zero-beginning level.
The present 52-week stock price range of LIQDQ is $0.0004- $0.0187. With its better risk management properties and reporting, it is expected that the better integration of systems will lead towards a great scope for the company. The client requiring any service, including portfolio view, execution, brokerage or risk management; Liquid Holdings Group Inc. has a solution for all. The cloud-based execution and order management provides the assistance to the financial services community. The need for a financial service software can never go down as the stock analysts or finance-related tasks can be handled easily with the software apps available online.
The present market capitalization of the company is $ 667.67K which is expected to grow in the coming time with the enhanced trust of the investors in the group. The company’s management is working to give a transparent outlook to the company’s policies, structure, and financial growth. Mr. Robert O’Boyle is the president, Mr. Peter R. Kent is the CFO-cum-CEO of Liquid Holdings Group Inc.