MassRoots, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles, California. The company works with its subsidiaries for operating a technology-based platform for the medical cannabis community in the US. It is basically meant for enabling the users to share the cannabis content, follow their favorite roots and get interconnected with the legal movements prevailing for marijuana in the US. There is a MassRoots network meant for supplying the free information through the mobile application available on Amazon App Store, Google Play and Apple App Store. It operates the dispensaries, advertising and business to enable the companies for editing the profiles, view analytics and distribute necessary information to the users.
The leading technology platform for the regulated cannabis industry is expanding its paid offerings for the licensed dispensaries in the CA market for giving the best deals to customers. The regulated cannabis segment in California region is the most rapidly growing and the largest market in the world with an estimation of crossing the value of 3 billion dollars by 2020. MassRoots is focusing on the growth of its client base in Colorado and California markets. The company can generate better revenues in any country or state with the regulation of cannabis laws. It even offers the direct exposure to the US regulated cannabis market without focusing on the plant.
It is anticipated that the company will provide the new technology for growing business for roughly 2500 regulated dispensaries. The paid dispensary offerings of the company can grow the traffic and the revenues will grow with this advancement. The introduction of these dispensaries to the platforms will give a new growth to the company. The 52- week low and high stock prices of the company are $0.086 – $1.17 respectively. The company has attained growth from the previous lows with their dedication towards the cannabis segment. In order to get better growth of the paid subscriptions, MassRoots is taking measures for expansion of the sales team has a strong focus on Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles region. It will automatically increase the stock growth and consequently, the revenues will go up.
MassRoots will turn out to be a leading technology platform for the cannabis segment. The wholly changed dispensary portal of the company is expected to grow and enter the private beta testing with the different dispensaries. There are different channels for marketing, analytics, and utilities to stay connected with the millions of cannabis consumers in the regulated markets and achieve the insightful data on the local audience. The objectives of the company are very clear and it is expected to grow with the projections being given to the dispensaries, sales team, and positive cash flows. It is one of the largest communities of Cannabis Enthusiasts with more than a million registered users. This enables the user to rate products based on their efficiency and presents easy information to the customers for purchasing the right products at their local dispensary. The company has one of the best models to attain profitability with the growing trend of the cannabis market.