mCig, Inc. is a cannabis cultivation construction company based in the United States and even on the other global platforms. The company was founded in the year 2010 and had its former name as Lifetech Industries, Inc. The name for a change in August 2013 to mCig, Inc. The headquarters of mCig, Inc. is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
There are totally five segments of operation of the company, including:
CBD: Wholesale and retail selling of the hemp-based cannabidiol products through various online platforms.
Construction and Consultation: Designing, development, engineering, and construction of the modular buildings and the greenhouses aiding in the cannabis and herb growing market. It also helps in offering the consulting services in the cannabis industry.
Vaporizers: Manufacturing, distribution and retailing of e-Cigarettes and the vaporizers.
Media Segment: Operation of 420 cloud, which is a social platform for advertising of cannabis products.
Supplies: This segment works in incubation and operation of the cannabis supply business.
The company looks forward to the growth of its core segment for servicing the legally permissible Cannabis, Hemp and CBD markets. With the changes in the federal laws and experience of key players, the company has progressed its work with the leaders of the cannabis segment. It provides the best solutions for the consumer markets, legal growers and the businesses linked to legal marijuana in the whole nation.
This company is technologically strong and has a commitment to providing the leading cannabis solutions to fit in the needs of the rapidly growing cannabis sector. The goal of the company is to distribute the products, technology, and services to fit the needs of the expanding cannabis sector. The valuable international cannabis segment is growing every day with the support of the people willing to understand about its purpose, use, and quality. The company presently operates in eighteen different countries and have the different trademarks all over the world. The multiple trademarks include the worldwide protection of the brand names associated with mCig.
The company’s stock is traded under the OTC market with the ticker symbol MCIG. The 52-week low value of the stocks is $0.12 and the high value is $0.43. This diversified sector of the cannabis group is committed to bringing the best distribution of products and services having the rapid expansion of the cannabis sector. The mission of the company is to give the best practices to the industry by transforming the perception of cannabis and expanding the customer experience. They produce the most valuable cannabis community including people working under the quality and integrity terms.
Customer’s trust is considered to be the measure of the company’s success and it has been building the iconic portfolio offering the best experience in the market to give a value to the shareholders. The research and development of the company are moving at a rapid pace and hence, the biotech projects will have an enhanced outlook to distribute the materials at the best platforms. The company seeks to accelerate the business growth through the diversified investments and the marijuana-based assets.