Medical Marijuana, Inc. was founded in the year 2003 and it changed its name from Hemp Deposit Distribution Corp. in March 2011. The headquarters of the company are located in Poway, California. This investment holding company makes its operations in the medical and industrial hemp markets. The products are based on the cannabinoid to seed and stalk part for the different industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector.
The company gives license to the testing, genetics, labeling and packing methods for the medicinal cannabinoid industry. It makes R & D for the cannabinoid-based pharma marketing for the oil-based hemp products. Additionally, the company provides the managerial support for the collectives, wellness facilities and heath clinics on the basis of business or individual levels in the cannabis industry. There are medicines manufactured consisting of hemp and it focuses on the management of acute pain and other mental disorders. The company is traded over the counter with the ticker symbol MJNA. The 52- week low and high prices of the company’s stocks are $0.064 – $0.19 respectively. The legalization of cannabis in various parts of the United States and Canada has given a boost to the hemp industry and their subsidiaries to make a new move in the development of medical marijuana and even work for the unique results for the industry.
The initial CEO of the company was Michael Llamas and he stepped down in 2012. The present CEO of the company is Stuart Titus. The company made a loss in 2011-12 and regained its position in 2013 on the basis of a contract signed by one of its subsidiaries. In the year 2015, the company got the hemp oil used in the manufacture of the products from Denmark. The prominent product of the company was named as ‘Real Scientific Hemp Oil’ and it was sold at a high price of $169 for three grams. It was a dietary supplement. The company has been selling many hemp-based products since then. They have a special hemp-based shampoo having a good sale in the market.
The company has its affiliates and subsidiaries through which it works for the Legal Hemp products. The flagship product of the company is Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RHSO). It consists of the natural Hemp oil with the supplements having the content of 10-20% of CBD. The company provides the best services to the industry with the services offered from management to the distribution of products in the market. The clinical development of the company focuses on the formulation, production and development of different products based on the various treatments of pain, nausea, vomiting and other medical issues. There is CanChew gum for the OTC usage. The company works with the pain treatment in degenerative diseases. Hempwire LLC is a joint venture between Cannalink and Medical Marijuana Inc. for the marketing and distribution of the CBD hemp oil used as a primary nutritional supplement. HempMeds Brazil makes distributorship and marketing of hemp-based CBD oil vaporizer pen consisting of high-CBD hemp oil.