MJ Holdings, Inc. has its headquarters in Nevada and operates for the medical marijuana business. The company was founded in 2006 and has been working for construction, infrastructure, production, distribution and cultivation management and the operating services for the operators in the regulated cannabis industry.
This diversified holding company has its association in the management and consulting services for the cannabis industry. The excellence in providing cultivation services and production management includes the agritourism facility fully licensed in Las Vegas. The acquisition with appropriate identification gives the best assets along with licensing for the legal cannabis markets on a global level.
The company’s leading status in the cannabis market has given a projection for 800K Q-Cups shipment with the scheduled delivery in the upcoming month. In the previous month, MJ Holdings entered into the exclusive distribution agreement with the patented and designer holder of Q-cup. It will be a boom period for the investors to look for their stocks blooming up. The 52-week low and high price of the company is $0.61 – $8.50. It has been showing an upward trend in the recent news with the projection of Q-cups shipment in October 2018.
The successful marketing of the quartz-based cannabis delivery is done through the partnership with Focus Distribution. The focus is a renowned brand of distributorship with Nevada Cannabis licensing that can utilize this revolutionary change in the technology. The distribution of Focus is towards every Nevada dispensary. Q-cup consists of a cannabis dispensing unit having a pre-filling along with a disposable cup for getting the reliable product delivery.
The CEO of the company Paris Balaouras mentioned that they are quite excited about the user experience and the products add to a greater value for the consumer. The constituent of Q-cups is approximately 50 mg of cannabis concentrate delivering to about ten ‘hits’ per cup. The retail price of the cups is anticipated up to $10 on the brand and the CBD/THC potency.
The company has been providing the best consulting services to the regulated cannabis industry. The subsidiaries of the company include Prescott, LLC, MORE, Production Campus Studios and others having a good value in the market. The subsidiaries provide the best product management and the cultivation techniques for infrastructural development. Nevada cultivation facility management has the largest outdoor cultivation facilities adding to the reliability and brand status of the company.
The market capitalization of the company is $168.85 M and with the new progress, there is a projection of the company to move towards a better status in the OTC market. The stocks of the company have moved above $2.6 per stock and it is projected that the prices will go up in the month of October with the launching of Q-cups in the market segment. There are high volumes of stocks being traded in this month and the company will have a good capital to generate the best results in the coming future.