Nutra Corp. was founded in 2011 and the headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is under development stage and focuses on participating in the nutraceutical space by bringing the organic and natural origin products in the market. It brings the research and technology to the Nutraceutical space. It even provides vapor pens in the US. These pens constitute dry herbs, oils, and various concentrates. There are many products manufactured by the company on the basis of the cannabis consumption and its right dosage. Apart from this, the company makes research on the various disorders related to men health, airspace sanitation, sleep disorders, autism, detox, weight loss, anti-aging, pain management and other issues to be helped out with the nutraceutical delivery system. There have not been any huge revenues generated by the company but the legal cannabis usage in the medical R&D might lead towards better moves for the company in terms of the management of various disorders.
The price of stocks has varied from $0.065 – $0.52 in the last year. The products from natural origins are highly appreciated and used by the people at present as it leads towards a positive way of thriving into medical cannabis market. The manufacturing of the private label of products is done and they are sold under a unique brand. Global cannabis market is growing exponentially, it is constantly in the need to get better cannabis products. Neutra Corporation is bringing the company towards lighting to dosage devices and pesticide replacements to plant enhancers.
Mr. Chistopher Brown is the whole sole CEO, Chairman, President, CFO & CAO of the company. He has received a political science degree from the University of Victoria in Canada. He has been handling this position from August 15, 2014. He was previously the former of Advanced Geothermal Systems from 2007-10 and PurLife Distributors from 2010-14. It creates anti-microbial surface protection programming for the automotive for sports teams.
The current market capitalization of Neutra Corp. is 574K and it will grow with the company giving more prospective results with its research and development on cannabis segment. NTRR continued the trading at the low levels in September 2015 but since then, it has shown a progress in the pot sector. The company is focusing on the healthy lifestyle concepts for the specialization in the development and marketing of the wellness solutions. The cannabis-related products are gaining importance in the present times due to the legalization of hemp in the market. The company works to complete the groups like GW Pharmaceuticals Medbox Inc. and Growlife Inc. to delivery technology-based advancements for cultivation and processing of cannabis.
The company acquired vapor innovators in 2014 earlier in the year for the development of the products having competition in the marketplace. The demand for cannabis-related products is growing every day. There are several products having a great opportunity and pipelines for gaining better capital in the market. The lab testing for the company is designed to get the best products based on cannabis and validate the biological controls on a positive note.