Paramount Gold and Silver Corporation are based in the USA with the headquarters located in Winnemucca, Nevada region. The company was established in 1992 and works for the acquisition, exploration, development, and mining of precious metals, gold and silver. The major project of the company is the Sleeper Gold project having a big land in the Nevada region named Humbolt County. The mining land is about 38300 acres with 2322 unpatented mining claims.
The company works in advanced-stage precious metal exploration and development in Nevada and north part of Mexico (San Miguel). The high-end engineering and mining capabilities lead towards the progression of the company’s aim. The company aims at bringing the value to the shareholders by completing the clear economic path for each project. There are resource expansion, engineering and economic analysis and testing of the metals done to increase the company’s level of resources and move them towards the higher valuation rate in the market.
Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. and Coeur Mining Inc. announced a merger between the companies in December 2014 and it got implemented in April 2015. The company’s stocks had the 52-week range from $1.05 – $1.80. The growing market capitalization has reached a value of $27M and it is anticipated to grow in the coming time with the advancement in exploration and development of new strategies. The company reported last month about the approval and acceptance of 7 additional baseline environmental reports by DOGAMI (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries). There are 12 approved reports accepted by the state agencies in total. The precious metal exploration by Paramount Gold Nevada aims at creating a solid shareholder value through its mineral-based properties for the realization of the value for shareholders in three ways:
i) By selling its assets to established producers
ii) Construction and operation of mines for its own account
iii) Establishment of joint ventures with producers for operation and construction
The Grassy Mountain Project owned by Paramount consists of the 9300 acres land having gold and silver deposits. Paramount also owns a 100 percent interest in the Sleeper project in Nevada which is a big plus for the company.
The company has got seven additive reports which are fully approved:
1) Land Use Baseline Report
2) Environmental Justice Baseline Report
3) Wild, Recreational or Scenic Rivers Baseline Report
4) Transportation Baseline Report
5) Wetlands Baseline Report
6) Socio-economics Baseline Report
7) Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Baseline Report
The CEO of the company Mr. Glen van Treek mentioned that the huge response of the State agencies and their cooperative approach has been encouraging. The company has a positive reception at the Public Meetings in Portland at the end of July and produced a presentation containing the Prefeasibility report to the state agencies. The baseline data reports have been quite encouraging and these are majorly required before submission of the Consolidated Permit Application of the proposed Grassy Mountain Mine. Paramount Gold and Silver Corporation has many positive aspects to move ahead with better scope for shareholders.