Penny stocks to buy right now

Penny stocks are the low-priced investments dealing with the companies of new companies or re-settling companies. These stocks are very speculative and could be purchased with due vigilance. Despite many lists available online, there is a probability that the penny stocks on the websites need to be examined carefully before making the investment.

A list of penny stocks to buy right now is given below. There is a stock symbol, company name and a briefing given about the company. The investors can buy the stocks at their own risk and with the due research from your personal ideas about the stock.

  1. APPSwarm Inc. (SWRM)

APPSwarm Inc. is a technology development company having focus mainly on mobile app development. There are services provided for all the mobile platforms, including BlackBerry, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Windows Mobile. AppSwarm has agreements with the various application stores and assists the development of applications. The stock price is $0.0288 and there is progress expected for the company for its resources and financial growth.

  1. Digatrade Financial Corporation (DIGAF)

Digatrade Financial Corporation has a digital asset exchanging platform in Canada. The stock price is $0.011 and the company offers blockchain development service along with the technology based on the distributed ledger. There is the management of a trading engine offering a multi-currency settlement, risk management, and FX pricing on a real-time basis. The company provides multiple services and has recently executed its Definite Agreement with Securter Inc. for increasing the security of online card payment processing. This will definitely enhance the scope of the company and it will be able to get increased stock prices.

  1. TerraTech Corporation (TRTC)

TerraTech Corporation is a cannabis-focusing agriculture company. It operates in the production of cannabis and its cultivation is done for medical and recreational use. The various segments of the company operate medical marijuana and adult use under the tradename Blüm. It provides the selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates and edible forms with the lineage of adult use cannabis-extracted products. The present stock price is $1.1525 and with the legalization of cannabis, the growth of the company is anticipated. This is a stable stock and has absolutely no chances of getting delisted.

  1. MGT Capital Investments Inc. (MGTI)

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. works for bitcoin mining operations. The previous year in the month of March, it owned and operated approx. 500 miners in Washington DC, 2100 miners in Sweden and 4200 miners in another leased location in Sweden. The company reached a level of $2.18 per share value in the last year. It has a stock value of $0.0715 at present, which is expected to grow with the mining projections of the company.

  1. Ironclad Encryption Corp (IRNC)

IRNC works in the development and licensing of cyber software technology that encrypts data and e-communications. It consists of the ICE-enabled security apps, subscriptions, and contracts with ultra-secured BlackICE gateway & phone technology. The stock price is $0.0110 at present and could go up with the technological advancements floated by the company.