Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. was incorporated on February 2004 with its former name as Diamond Ranch Foods, Ltd. It works on the production of botanical extracts for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It focuses on the fruits, vegetables and plant material for the production of functional foods for the health and wellness industry. The company has the technology having extraction of bio-available compounds and phytonutrients from the organic matter like citrus plants, green tea leaves, and other plants. The extracts taken are taken from the green tea including CG, GCG, ECG, limonoids, and carotenoids. There are various extracts being taken from the different sources of plantations. The company engages in the R & D of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid extract. There are distribution agreements with the representatives in Europe, Asia, India, North America, and South African regions.
The stock prices of the company are in the range of $0.0041 – $0.030. The company aims at transforming the nutraceutical world by getting the live plant material delivering the highest bioavailability levels in the market. This helps in the easy reaction to the market changes as per the customer requirements. The company has a research experience of ten years for the plant extraction and the holdings consist primarily of the infrastructure, land, and farms of over an area of 7500 acres in South Africa (Mpumalanga). The live plant extract is a hot selling genre in the land of industrial growth of the company. The company sells the rich extracts under the trademark Phytofare™.
The researches are supported by USDA manuscripts, academic findings, and synthesized analogs. The company’s global existence is its strength. The headquarters are basically in London, England but there are representatives present in the USA and South African region. The customer requirements and market changes are focused on completely and there are the best recommendations made for the efficient live plant-based researches. The farming is done for the creation of bioavailable extracts ranging from citrus to avocado pears. South African farming is primary to all the countries in the world and the company makes sure that the best steps are being taken for the supreme product creation. The farming team has a huge experience in managing the farms in South Africa. The past documents are carefully analyzed to make sure that the mistakes are not repeated further.
The tea industry in South Africa attained stability and protection from the market prices. The company is undertaking the projects for the revival of the tea estates and the farms for empowering the local communities have benefited from the educational and employment opportunities for growth. There are scholarship programs to set up the platform for the best talent to show its growth. The farming regulations completely comply with the company and its subsidiaries. There is an opportunity to grow with the live farming concept being implemented in the most desirable way to give out the promising results to the marijuana sector.