PotNetwork Holding, Inc. is a publicly traded company acting as a holding company for its subsidiaries and has the operations related to the growing cannabis industry and the related verticals. It majorly focuses on the sales and development of hemp-derived CBD oil-containing products. It includes many branded products having a solid existence in the market. The company involves in the research and development along with the marketing of hemp-derived CBD oil products. It involves the selling through distributors and resellers through its sophisticated website. The company’s prior name was SND Auto Group Inc. and its name was changed to PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. in March 2017. The company is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company was founded in 1996. The stock symbol of PotNetwork Holding, Inc. is POTN.

Recently, the company made was in news for its wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., had a substantial meet on September 14 to September 16 this year in Miami, FL. The World Vapor Expo had thousands of visitors including the companies, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, proprietors and consumers visiting the World Vapor Expo. The marketing strategy of the company involved in the creation of the prime position at the trade shows. Diamond CBD is a successful company in getting sales from its numerous products and drawing their attention from the prospective clients from the United States and all over the world. The sales of cannabidiol (CBD) have been increased rapidly from 2014 to 2016 and the projection at the end of 2020 is anticipated to exceed USD 1.15 billion. Diamond CBD has successfully focused on research and development for multinational marketing of premium hemp extracts consisting of the cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives. The company’s team consists of the pioneers from the hemp industry having expertise in their stream. PotNetwork Holding has successfully undertaken the subsidiaries and works in co-ordination with the processes to build a stronger cannabis-related network.

PotNetwork stocks have a 52-week range of $000.60 – $0.96 value per stock. The company manufacturers, markets, and distributes a large variety of CBD products in various categories and industry verticals. The trusted brands of the company are loved by the consumers and they can order online or through retail stores for these products having a good value in the market.

The brands of the company are illustrated below with a little briefing for each of them:

• Blue CBD Crystals Isolate: This is a high-end CBD brand having its derivatives from 100% natural hemp with seven times higher CBD concentration.

• Chill Plus Gummies: This is the best start to the CBD-infused treats.

• CBD Biotech Cream: Specially formulated cream used in the best way on sore muscles and painful areas.

• America’s leading CBD company: It is a leader in the CBD revolution having the best spacing, topnotch services, and booming market.

• Relax Vape Liquid: This is a vaping relaxation formulation designed for the easy customer usage.

• CBD Double Shot: CBD Double shot has relaxing benefits and is available in an easy to drink format. It is an organic shot having availability in online and offline stores.

• Pet CBD Food: The pet food is available for dogs and cats with the concept of CBD for pets in the booming CBD space.

• Liquid Gold: It is carried in thousands of stores throughout the country. The ingredients are of best quality having the best sales and marketing team distributing them.

• Meds Biotech: This brand offers the best CBD products formulated by the pharmacists of the company. It includes pharmacies and doctors positioning themselves in the growing CBD vertical.

• Relax Extreme CBD: This oil provides the high-quality and strengthened dosage of CBD through the oral drops by placing a drop under your tongue area.

• CBD Re-Leaf: Re-leaf vaping pens are long-lasting and readily usage CBD available in different interesting flavors.

• PotNetwork: It is a cutting-edge cannabis digital business and financial planning website having publications related to cannabis business, stock information, news, interviews and much more.

• Relax Gummies: These gummies are available in 20+ flavors and give a light CBD effect with natural flavors. It is comparative to Chill Gummies and has many natural flavors in comparison to the competitor.

• Lawrence Taylor Pain Master: PotNetwork Holdings have partnered with Lawrence Taylor, NFL Hall of Famer, to create the CBD with high strength. These products are used by the players doing extreme sports and activities for alleviating pain.

• Chong’s Choice CBD: These products are available at a premium branding of CBD having a partnership with Tommy Chong. The brand has the product line including 100% natural premium hemp.

• MediPets: They manufacture, distribute, and sell a variety of CBD products for cats and dogs in the large pet industry market.

• Grinders Distribution: They produce and distribute the high-quality grinders in all the fifty states of the US.

• CBD Honey Sticks: These sticks provide the best way to get the CBD anywhere. This treat can satisfy any sweet tooth if taken directly or included in a hot tea. These honey sticks have pure CBD and all-natural honey.

• CBD Shots: These are the drinkable shots having CBD content providing a quick boost of relaxation.

• The Fatty: These Diamond CBD products contain the mixture of CBD infused herbs having extreme CBD strength flavors. These products are perfect for the people loving the extreme flavors.

• Lean Shot: These are easily drinkable shots having high strength grape flavor consisting of the herbs and extracts. It provides the relaxation for body and mind. These shots are loved by the people liking grape flavors.

• First Capital Venture: It focuses on the advanced R & D for the finest hemp extracts in the market including CBD oil and making its availability in the global marketplace.

• Chill: These gummies are the best CBD-infused treats for starting the exploration of hemp-driven products.

• CBD Crystal Dabs: It is an isolated powder consisting of CBD. The end of the process will give the raw crystallization powder. You can get these dabs and add them to any edible product or food items.