PureSnax International Inc. was founded in the year 2011 and has the headquarters in New Jersey, United States. The company is famous for producing healthy snacks for the consumers. The awareness of the public towards healthy eating with regulatory guidelines for schools and other areas have restricted them to opt out for anything. PureSnax has the best substitutes for the snacks munching and has been created to fulfil the ongoing demand for supplying healthy snacks. The company has attained a good name in the food industry and has developed some of the newest food options by eliminating excess sugar and artificial sugars to give the best taste to the munchy snacks.
PureSnax International, Inc. has established the best business terms and bonds with the manufacturers and co-packaging department for supporting the growth in terms of revenues. There is simply no compromise made with the quality of the product under the appropriate pricing. It is always a good option to choose healthier snacks including the natural high-quality ingredients promoting the healthy lifestyle. The development, outsourcing, branding and marketing is done by the company and it has become a trusted name in the healthy food and snack arena. The company has a market capitalization of $ 416.86K and is leading towards better prospects in terms of businesses. It is the quest of the team to grow the business by maintaining sound quality and health-based foundations for the present and futuristic approach.
The integrity of the products is to grow the brand and business. The company’s offer for sugar-free, fat-free and healthy snack items has always been a great move for the people looking for healthy substitutes. The collection of jam, sauces, rice snacks, popcorns and xylitol. The company’s motto is ‘Great Taste, Better for you’. It has revolutionized the concept of healthy living and hence, the regular consumers have become aware of the fact that it will make your body healthy in every way. Junk food is loved by many and it was introduced a lot of time back. The packaged snacks are preferred by people and the sales of these products have increased a lot from the previous phases. This has given a sharp rise to several problems related to obesity, diabetes and several other issues.
The 52-week low value of the stocks is $ 0.25 and the high value is $ 22.99. The products are distributed among retailers, distributors and even online stores. The stock prices are expected to grow with the growth of the company in the snacks industry. The investors are looking forward to the press releases and news from the company as the charts suggest that the company has a good caliber for growth. The high value in 52-weeks is a proof that the share has a good scope to grow. The company is specializing its products for kids and making the moves to replace the unhealthy habits with the nutritional snacks. Hopefully, this stock will turn towards a better move with the new products with the uniqueness.