Rocky Mountain High brands, Inc. works in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of the hemp-infused food and beverage items. It includes flavored drinks, energy drinks and low caloric hemp infused drinks available in different flavors. The company also provides hemp-infused shots with mango and berry flavor, Eagle Spirit Spring water (alkaline water). The marketing of the products is done through online stores and retail shops. There are brokers and distributors involved in the company’s product sales. The company’s former name was Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. and it was changed to Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. in October 2015. The company was started in the year 2000 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. is a publicly traded company having a high range of good products for health-conscious customers. This company has marketing insights for the emerging product categories for creating meaningful brand experiences. Being well is a matter of choice and the company makes it viable for people to stick to that choice and get the helpful habits in their daily routine. The company owns a private label branding for the supplements, beverages, topical products and edibles.
The company’s stocks are at a level of $0.0053 – $0.034 for the last 52-weeks. The public view of the company is towards the stronger version by the production of ‘Good For You’ products to the health-conscious consumers. There are new marketing and customer trends introduced for the Emerging Product Categories for creating worthy brand experiences. There is a great value anticipated for the shareholders by creating a productive and healthy life. The company introduces unique and relevant ways to develop the best out of the innovative technology and knowledge industry.
RHMB is empowering people to create healthy habits and creating the unique products for the same to directly touch the lives of consumers on daily basis. There are best e-commerce techniques followed for digital marketing and promotion of the company for the ongoing promotions. The goal of the company is towards reaching the millions of people and bringing the products for promotion of an active lifestyle. There is harnessing of Full Plant CBD did for delivering products containing CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids and excluding THC. The highly alkaline spring water from the Rocky Mountains is secluded.
The hemp containing energy drinks are exclusively created for health-focused people and maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. FITWHEY is the brand name of the water-based protein drink consisting of caffeine, Vitamin B and consists of naturally flavored and colored elements. The products are manufactured with organically grown hemp and require no pesticides. There is a certificate of analysis from a third-party testing laboratory for all the manufactured products. The products have absolutely no THC and include a wide range of CBD delivery options. The market capitalization of the company is $24 M and with the growth of assets and trust of investors, the company is expected to grow in the coming phases.