SOHM, Inc. is a pharma company dealing with generic medications and covers the major treatment categories. The Company’s generic pharmaceuticals are exported globally with the primary focus on the emerging pharmaceutical markets, including South-east Asia, Latin America and African region.
It has a recognized presence in the various segments and distributions as it innovated several pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and nutraceutical products. The headquarters of the company is located in Buena Park, CA and the Indian head office is located in Ahmedabad. The company also have several offices in China and the United Kingdom.
The company has a distribution of generic medications with branded and private label products. Sohm Inc. was voted as the rapidly growing generic drug manufacturer in the year 2012 at the AIC of National Integrated Medical Association. The company supplies the medicines in several countries with highest degree standards. The management makes a commitment to provide the best response to the employees throughout the corporation. There are quality checks and continuous assessment made at regular intervals to provide the unsurpassed results for medicine production.
The company even offers the business opportunities of all the sizes to promote private labeling of pharma products. It is meant for integrating good business and inspire global prosperity. There are strict regulations followed by the company, including USFDA guidelines and WHO-CGMP. The board of directors of the company believes that the stockholders are the base of the company and financial reporting in a transparent way is the requirement for the successful approach to the company. The general information is available about SHMN in the market and the corporate activities of the company can be viewed on the website.
The constructive governance policies boost the confidence of the management team and employees. The solid foundation of the company can be achieved by promoting the business goals and creating highest ethical standards. SHMN has all the necessary listed standards on the pink sheet informational platforms. The company has a strategic alliance with a manufacturing unit in southern California and it was a progressive step for advanced capabilities of the company within the US for export and distribution to the other nations. The company expects new alliances and partnerships for getting the market penetration and revenue growth in the major emerging markets within the US. SOHM will double the pharma production in the near times and restore its lost revenue in recent years. The strategic alliances consist of a range of 90 products having the coverage of the major therapeutic categories.
The manufacturing houses can produce the products, including tablets, nutrition powders, sports energy drinks, capsules, creams, oral liquids or another medical artifact to produce the best results. The company has the lowest cost of stock $0.00060 at present and there are prospects for growth with the good marketing strategies. The management is taking actions to reduce the operational costs to increase the profitability of the company. It will lead the company towards a better position. In the last one year, the highest value of the stock of SOHM, Inc. is $0.0025.