Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Canada based company having the ticker symbol SPRWF. It is dedicated to giving affordable and high-quality techniques for growing commercial marijuana. The company had its previous operations in mining but now works on biomedicines and mainly, medical marijuana. It even provides the client care and services for the patients on an individual basis. The company works for individual patients along with client care and services. The establishment of Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was done in the year 1979 in Calgary and there were several name changes made after that phase. The final name was selected as ‘Supreme Pharmaceuticals, Inc’ in March 2014. The company began its real operations after the acquisition of AMMCan (Advanced Medical Marijuana, Canada).
The 52-week low and high stock prices of the company are $0.95 – $2.79. The company works with patients on an individual basis and also provides client care and services. The primary offices of the company are located in Toronto and Vancouver. It has 342K sq-feet Supreme Greenhouse in the flagship area where the cannabis plants are produced with sun exposure.
The Supreme Greenhouse gets the company to attain high-quality medical marijuana by making the use of natural sunlight having a costing lesser than the plants growing under artificial lights. The natural sunlight concept is meant to produce high quality and standardized medical marijuana even when the seasons change. The stock symbol of the company under the Canadian Securities Exchange is SL and on the OTC market is SPRWF. This parent company has become the biggest producer of medical marijuana with an approval of distribution of up to 24,000 kg of medical marijuana on annual basis. The company has done the cannabis global uprooting in Canada. It has been at the mid of the cannabis space since 2014 with the opportunities of growth in all the ways.
The company trades with the symbol FIRE on the Toronto Venture Exchange. It is named FIRE for the passionate sign of the company towards the cannabis sector and the obsession they have with the quality for lighting up a positive move in the cannabis segment. The company has established 7 acres land for being marked as the first licensed producer having an emphasis on the high-quality growth of cannabis in highest qualities. This has become the largest cultivator of Canada for growing commercial cannabis with supreme quality. The company focuses on growing by identification and building the innovative cannabis business concepts all across the globe. The mission is to have a global leading position in Cannabis field.
Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc turns their passion towards the right direction to thrive good business in the cannabis segment. They have proficiency in cultivating high-quality cannabis on a huge scale. The long-term growth of the company has a clear vision to become leaders in the industry by innovation and pushing the trends towards the forward direction. The stats reveal that the company has a huge scope to grow in the coming future with the legalization of cannabis for medical use.