Surna Inc. was established in the year 2009 and has headquarters situated in Boulder, Colorado, United States. The company has attained success by dealing with hundreds of projects and with the efforts of experts. Surna makes planning and designing for the controlled environment cultivation by hiring excellent cultivators, investors, engineers, contractors or consultants. The company has been working in expertise for concepts related to agricultural engineering, mechanical, farming and predictive facility modeling techniques.
The company was started in a small area with the bigger concepts and ideas for the marijuana cultivation. The experts look for the innovative techniques to convert the problems into opportunities and undertaking the client challenges in the most astonishing way. The company has made persistent efforts in leading towards the way of dealing with the best cultivation environments.
The company produces a higher yield with reliable and secure solutions. The investors can expect better returns on the investment by focusing on energy efficiency and viable positive solutions. The company’s motive is to understand business goals. The climate conditions and facility are wholly checked before building a system meeting the cultivation and business goals. The project management, customer care and engineering team associated with the company is highly resourceful and incorporates the best ways to accomplish the tasks together.
The success of the company is driven by its strong policies and researches. The proven cultivation techniques are highly influential and involve the positive variations in the agricultural intensification. It plays an important role in building a strong future of cannabis. The global indoor agriculture solutions are meant to give a successful growth on any segment. The company holds strong values and interacts with customers, partners, and employees in the most desirable way.
The creative and innovative outlook for the company’s growth has been inspiring the investors and the customers are delighted by the ethics of the company. There is a professional approach followed by the company’s staff and the tasks are undertaken in a safe environment. The energy-efficient technology and equipment provide affordable and efficient solutions for intelligent cultivation processes. The company’s idea of giving back to the community is highly influential and supports its sustainability level on every result.
The 52-week low price of the stocks is $ 0.050 and the highest price is $ 0.48. The company holds a strong value with regard to the investors and aims at making a move in increasing the market capital to a higher level. The engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of air sanitation systems and environmental control devices for commercial uses have given a boost to the company. With the legalization of marijuana in many regions of the United States, the company has proven its caliber by offering energy recovering units, chillers, air handlers, and fan coils, temperature controllers, carbon dioxide monitors, system design and engineering, sanitation and odor control equipment and other engineering services.