Two Rivers Water and Farming Company has the symbol TURV in the OTC market. The headquarters of the company is located in Denver, Colorado, United States. The company was founded in 2002 and since then, they have been operating in a water business model which is well-suited for the arid regions of the south-west parts of the US.
The company works by believing in the strategic value of water majorly in the US south-west regions. The major focus is on benefiting the local agriculture community. There is a leasing done to the licensed cannabis growing companies for the greenhouses and the associated facilities. The company works as a landlord for the facilities and don’t work for the cultivation processes. The water supply for the benefit of the population in the areas has been the major task of the company. The development of infrastructure and operations for water management and delivery purposes are the essential elements focused by the company.
Two Rivers Water & Farming Company works in the most progressive way for acquisition and development of the irrigated farmland and the water rights along with the help on infrastructural grounds. There is conversion done for the traditional ways to grow the profitable marijuana crops to attain the best yield in terms of quality and quantity. The company even works for the plantations based on the crop rotation practices to get the best yields from the farms. The business model of the company makes integration of irrigated farming and the distribution of water in such a way that it grows the most rewarding crops. The major area of focus for the company is the semi-arid regions located in the southwestern US areas.
Farming: The company has its focus on the farming activities and conversion of feed crop production to grow high-quality fruits and vegetables. The Company manages about 7900 acres of land out of which only 552 acres are the leased property and the rest part is owned by the company. It is the biggest asset to look for the shareholders who trust the company for its owned land.
Water: The company has Arkansas River Basin in its portfolio. It is the owner and operational head of the senior water rights which uses the irrigation techniques to the farmland. The water rights even include Orlando reservoir, Orlando water rights and other assets with the high storage capacity. The water operations are highly focused on by the company and the farming efforts are done to assist the network of farmers growing crops for the company.
The investors look for the 52-week low and high range of the company, i.e. $0.10 & $0.63 respectively. The present price per stock is on the lower side and the company is establishing its new projects with regard to the legalized Marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. There is a growth of cannabis farming in the United States and the government is willing to make the adequate moves for the commercialization of weed in the most rewarding way.