Univec Inc. majorly works in the production, licensing and marketing of the medical products in various regions of the US and even other parts of the world. The company provides auto-disable and safety syringes used in hospitals and clinics. The company was founded in 1996 with its base in Baltimore, Maryland, US. It has been producing the 1 cubic centimeter AD-Syringe for the safety and these are designed to make accidental or deliberate usage difficult. The dosages of insulin, immunization and allergy are primarily done with these syringes used for aspirating and non-aspirating uses.
There is manufacturing and marketing unit for the sheath syringes used for protecting patients and workers from the injuries related to the syringe needles, in compliance with the federal needlestick safety and prevention act of the United States government. There are bifurcated needle safety syringes used for smallpox vaccinations having associated bio-terrorist threats. Additionally, there is marketing done for the sliding sheath safety syringes and auto-disable syringes meant for various health facilities, distributions, government sector and private hospitals. Univec also assists the pharmaceutical companies for marketing, tracking and fulfilment of the drug samples through the unique online system connecting pharmacies and the payment providers.
The company has integrated divisions providing safe health solutions to the patients and healthcare industry in the US and even other parts of the world. The syringe division makes the development of the best products for the global platform. The other branch of physician and pharmaceutical services assist the marketing process with tracking facilities are given an online platform. The production of safety syringes is actually a measure of protection against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other blood-borne pathogens. Univec Inc. has attained a positive signal from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the marketing of its healthcare products in the United States.
The hypodermic syringe manufacturing has reaped positive response in the industry and with the growing need of the healthcare industry, the company will surely get a financial growth. Healthcare worker safety and reduction of cross-infections have led to a positive response for the company. The company’s policies are quite favorable to the investors and the management is taking initiatives to enhance the company’s position by marketing the products in the best way. At present, the company has competition with some of the major brands and would manufacture quality-based products for the right usage.
The share trading numbers for the company are increasing and the price of the stocks has also grown up. The position is consistently improving for last one year and it is expected that the company will outgrow its status in the healthcare industry. The CEO (Dr David Dalton) will lead Univec towards a better path in the healthcare industry. The investors are expecting something good from the company and the returns over their investment would probably bloom up in the upcoming phase. There are high volumes of stocks being traded on the market and consequently, the stock price has increased to $0.0024 from $0.0006, within a few days.