Vista Gold Corp. and its subsidiaries work in the evaluating, acquiring, exploring and advancing the gold exploring and potential developing projects in Australian provinces. The company’s headquarters are located in Littleton, Colorado. The major asset of the company is in the Northern Territory of Australia and is known as Mt Todd. The company is a well-funded gold project developer. The advanced technical innovation of Mt Todd has a strength of balance sheets and it sets the company ahead of the competitors.
Vista Gold Corp. is located in the best location in the mining world and the physical location in Australia has the well-equipped infrastructure, strong community, engineering level, exploration facility in the Pine Creek district. The company holds the permissions for environmental friendliness (EIS and EPBC) along with some of the most required authorizations. Mt Todd Project prelim feasibility recently gave a confirmation for being rated among the top five annual gold production capacity in the Australian continent.
Mt Todd was operated for a long time and abandoned in the 1990s due to ARD effect (Acid Rock Drainage). Vista Gold Corporation acquired it in the year 2006 and accepted its management for the site and make the improvement for the environmental conditions. The major priority of the company has been the Edith River water quality. The project has successfully eradicated the discharge acid practice into the respective river to avoid water pollution. The treatment protocols are implemented with a final pH of 7.2 and by removing almost all the contained metals. The cost-effective method of the larger volumes of the acidic solutions is done by the micronized limestone. The company had web-based reports allowing the easy monitoring of the company’s performance. The specialized algorithms developed with EPA allow the automated discharging of water by following the NT standards to protect flora and fauna.
The company has a partnership with the NT community for protecting the water resources and it is a great move for the environmental strength. The construction of a new project at Mt Todd is expected to have the engineered solutions and water treatment process for eliminating the ARD generation. The company has an attractive location and moves ahead with a plan to operate for metal mining with the strategic alternatives for development of the project. This will improve the value of shareholders and lessen the future dilution of the shareholder.
The company was originally established in the year 1983 and was termed as Granges Exploration Limited. Apart from the Mt Todd gold project, there are many other assets of the company making it rich and sound. It seems positive to make an investment in the company and lead towards a better move for it in the future. The employees are hard working and manage the operation of sites in an efficient way. The company has a positive way of keeping safety, human health and the environment at the primary level. The regulations and laws of the company are its strength to perform the operations by complying with the policies, standards, programs, and procedures. The gold stocks of this ethical company are worth making an investment.