Yamana Gold Inc. is a Canada based company which started its operations in the year 2003. The company works for exploration of gold and development of the properties in Canada, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. The company added several mining properties from 2005-07. The recent operations came into the operations in the 2nd quarter of the year 2018.
In December 2016, the company made an announcement for a transaction of the portion of the Brazil assets into Brio Gold. The company produced about 977,316 ounces of gold, 127 million pounds of copper and five million ounces of silver. The revenue of $1.8 billion was generated by the company and it attained the $500 million cash flow. The founder of the company is Peter Marrone and he is the chairman and CEO of the company.
Yamana Gold has a varied portfolio of assets providing the sustainable production of gold in a large resource base. The operative costs of the industry are low and the company shares an important exposure for the resource of gold. The company expects the production of 900K ounces of gold, 120 million pounds of copper and 8.15 million ounces of silver. The company is highly committed to produce the best standards and use the ethical practices for development. The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of the corporate governance for effective management of the company. It is ensured that the businesses and affairs of the company are managed for enhancing the shareholder value. The company is highly committed and maintains the positive leads for investment interests.
There are regular safety and environmental programs integrated at Yamana to endure that all the operations are held in the most appropriate way. The company’s stocks have a 52-week range of $2.40 – $3.80. The company comprehends the importance of meeting and extending the social corporate responsibility and implement its efforts in delivering the objectives and creating a valued approach for the shareholders. The community relation efforts of the company are guided by the education, localized development, life quality and the culture. The investment in these areas can contribute to building the self-sustaining communities have the vision of prospering even after the operations terminate.
The company has a good reputation in the market. The environmental policies are highly suitable and focus on the minimization of impact, making energy efficient operations and using the non-renewable energy to the least value possible. The mining process from exploration to ending is continuously monitored by the company’s expert miners and environment controllers. The company maintains a good level of safety for the team of miners and the associated workers. There are several audits conducted on regular basis for keeping the track of safety performance. The agreements with various trade unions take a good care of occupational health. There are proper protected equipment and safe procedures followed to maintain the culture of safety.